About us & our team

First Voice and Media (FVM) has been established in 2014 with the cooperation of different brands – some of them existing for more than 6 years now-, each focusing on specific online and IT-related activities and aiming to provide best-in-class services to their customers. The founders’ most important goal is to create products, processes or solutions that work on behalf of their clients no matter which division we are talking about.

With more than 400 clients, FVM provides IT & web development, design, crowd-sourcing, end-to-end online marketing and IT project management services worldwide focusing on 3 key markets: Hungary, Western-Europe (UK, Germany), USA.
Shared services solutions and consultancy is a special service which helps and supports growth, recruitment, building a great reputation and it is offered for corporations that operate or planning to establish shared service centers in Hungary.


mate-ronaMate Rona

Stilldesign / Webmango
Sales Director
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