Shared services solutions and consultancy

Shared services consultancy is a special FVM service that we offer on a project by project basis. Our founder and lead consultant has 8+ years of experience in shared services in Hungary in the following areas:

  • Transition management, outsourcing programme management and building up new shared services or functions in Hungary or Eastern-Europe including country selection, real estate selection, due diligence, business case creation, transition planning and coordination, knowledge transfer control, pilot project management and performance control
  • SSC lean and six sigma programs, efficiency improvement with a customized methodology using lean and six sigma elements
  • SSC capacity, pipeline management and office expansion projects
  • Customer service / IT service desk / call centre operations management; performance improvement and building up efficient operating models
  • SSC branding and PR; how to build a well-known employer with good reputation

FVM also provides a revolutionary online recruitment solution for shared services which enables the companies to recruit faster and more cost-efficiently, than with a standard agency solution. Our partner SSC Heroes (  also supports our customers  with job ads and branding solutions.

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